Memoirs ~ Early Childhood 1929-1943 ~ Adolescence
Bette James, 1929-2007 About the Author Bette James was my mother. In creating a memorial bookmark reflecting her life, words like mother, big mama, business owner, writer, mentor, sister and friend came to mind. As I look at that bookmark while writing this, I am reading a quote from a client become friend that reads, “Bette will live on, in the legacy of being a mother, grandmother, leader, and a strong professional who was very generous with her colleagues; and the memories of friendship that she leaves in our hearts.” Bette James, always had been an avid letter writer, keeping in touch with friends and family who lived in other parts of the world. It was always Bette’s desire to be published. While running her own business in Harvard Square, Bette wrote a monthly column for many years for ABSSI (Association for Business Support Services International), one of the trade associations to which she belonged. For the association she also wrote a book on starting a mail receiving/forwarding service. Bette also initiated and helped formulate NEBSA, New England Business Services Association, and wrote monthly articles for their newsletter as well. She wrote her Memoirs starting with “Early Childhood,” continued with “Adolescence,” and was working on the story of her marriages and children when she passed away. Bette has also written many short stories about the people and events that surrounded her on a daily basis. Early Childhood was originally self-published in 1993 under the publishing name of Backstage Press. Adolescence was in the final editing process and keeping to a promise I made to Bette, it will be published as an e-book by November 2015. ~ Laura Nunn, Daughter, Editor & Publisher
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